Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting Gas While Out for a Sunday Drive

First of all...Paco was right. We don't say that too often in these parts, but I will call it as I see it. I waited for a Vespa to pass me when I was coming out of a parking lot, even though I could have shot right in front of him. To test out the theory, I waived. The *** didn't even acknowledge that I was there.

So, on Sunday, I, for no particular reason, decided to go for a ride. Maybe it was because I hadn't ridden since Thursday, or maybe it was because I had some free time and was tired of cleaning up around the house by myself while my wife was at her parents watching her sister because her dad has a combination of Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus. Talk about not complaining about working inside anymore! At first it was just to make a deposit at Adirondack Bank and get gas for the first time. The real moment of truth came when I pulled in at Hess and was mauled by a ten year-old who was raising money for dance camp. How do you say no to that? So you have to throw in $5 right there ( it was all I had on me...no ash tray of change on a bike). I filled myself up, having driven roughly 75 miles, although the tank wasn't empty. The grand total? $8.32. Woo-hoo! I was giddy. And I don't get giddy.

After the bank, and returning to home to find my wife still not home, I decided to head back out. So I decided to take a little run through Ballston Spa and just tool through some of the neighborhoods around Grand Ave. Its one of those maze-like suburbanite developments and it was fun to see the reactions from people in their yards. Men and boys looked on with a mixture of desire and distaste, depending on the individual. Moms pretty much had that "What is the scary looking biker guy doing in our neighborhood" look. I don't know if it was concern for their daughters in the here and now or the concern that a biker named Snake would come home with their teenage daughter on the back of his bike. It could be worse mom...she could be riding on a Vespa. Then you have the danger of a moped mixed with the arrogance of its owner.

Maybe I should out an "I am a teacher" bumper sticker on the front forks.

After I finished there, I just took road after road until I, and quite to my surprise, ended up in Greenfield Center where my in-laws live. I stopped at their house to check in on my wife and then headed back over a different route. I really enjoyed being in the open air on a beautiful day. I could take in so much more than when I was in my truck and it was nice that I didn't have a radio, which is always on in my truck, or the ability to check or even hear my cell phone. I rambled for about 35 miles or so before I came home. It was a great day to be out on slow turns and I only hit trouble once when I slightly misjudges a turn. I braked somewhat hard and yanked in the clutch, reflexively. When I started to lean through the turn, at a decent angle, the back tired barked enough for me to hear and feel it, and I was reminded to be more diligent in judging turns and that I still need more work on SLPR, despite my efforts.

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